7 things you should know to improve your relationship instantly

3) When they tell you a lie, understand that what he wants is not to lose your love

Love is even stronger than the truth, and that’s why lies are just a way to do no harm, not to lose the love of the other. This does not mean that we allow our relationship to be filled with lies, but that when they exist, they are received with understanding, and they are returned with more love.

4) When someone says something hurtful, assume it as part of their own pain and ignorance

When someone says something hurtful to us or mistreats us with their words or actions, it may be due to stress and ignorance. When we are aggressive and take it out on each other, it is a symptom that something hurts inside us, and we are suffering for something. Compassion is the best antidote to this (see ways to free mind).

5) If love turns sour, wait, don’t react abruptly

Sometimes we see with surprise how loved ones respond to our love with bitterness. In these cases, it is best to wait and not react, returning the same bitterness as it will become a vicious circle.

If you can respond with love, it is possible that the situation will dissolve and return to normal, but if it is not the case, simple acceptance, without clinging to the idea of ​​changing others, will allow us to get out of there with more tranquility.

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