6 Keys to mantain a loving Relationship

Strengthening the couple relationship is a challenge that involves not only motivation but understanding, effort and respect.

Sometimes, we put more emphasis on the amount of affection than on the quality of it in the couple relationship. The point is that perhaps the goal is not so much that great flows of love are alive, but rather that this feeling acquires more and more depth so that it becomes more solid. Hence, loving our partner better should be one of our priorities in the relationship.

Some keys help us with that goal of loving our partner better. They have to do with behaviors and attitudes that foster trust, intimacy and mutual recognition. Six of them are as follows.

1. Recognize interests

It seems obvious, but it is not. In theory, we all know that it is important to respect the interests of the other. In practice, it does not always take place.

That there is no coincidence in everything is actually healthy, but it ceases to be if those differences become a reason to feed hate or unleash a desire for control that has no reason to exists.

2. Accept way of being

Real acceptance it doesn’t mean to change the other. Respect their manners and their times. We all have flaws or limitations that could annoy others. Still, what we expect from our partner is that they accept the complete package: strengths and weaknesses.

To love our partner better, we must give up that desire to want to change what we do not like about him or her.

3. Start listening, a key to better love our partner

Some people remain silent, pursing their lips while their partner speaks. Others simply refuse to listen. Only some understand what open and non-judgmental listening really represents.

Listening has to do with the ability to understand the other in their terms and not in ours. A person who feels heard will also be motivated to listen. And good communication is the backbone of a relationship.

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