The before and after 9 celebrities who left size XXL

Over the years, they have made the decision to lose weight and their transformations are incredible.

Fame may be one of the  best showcases meant for success. They are on television, fulfilling the dream of reaching the cinema or singing on international stages. But fame can also be a magnifying glass where everything a person does is observed and studied in details.

One of the most important points about being famous is how they look, for better or worse, we want to see them fit, always at their best, groomed, made up, beautiful, with their best face. But sometimes we forget that they are ordinary people. In this case, the celebrities we present had overweight problems, but recently they have been the symbol of intense transformations.

So you can see how they have changed, we present this article where you can see the stars who have surprised by their impressive weight loss.


The singer lost more than 30 kilograms and continues to lose. Some sources say that the Grammy winner follows the Sirtfood diet that seeks to suppress appetite and activate the body’s slimmer gene naturally.

Melissa McCarthy

The actress weighed 110 kilograms, but now we can see her with only 89. She has lost more than 21 and is following a low carb diet and high-intensity interval training. She says, love your body the way it is.

Alessandra Rampolla

The famed sexologist underwent a gastric bypass operation in 2008, but she has worked hard to maintain the weight she gained after losing more than 40 kilograms. The change is very noticeable.

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