6 Things That Happen to Your Body After You Stop Drinking Coffee

Coffee is generally considered to be extremely healthy, and four cups a day have been shown to prevent diseases and protect the heart.Even those who want to lose a few pounds, consume espresso, or filter coffee. The caffeinated hot drink boosts the metabolism, which means that the body burns fat faster.

However, some people have to do without the stimulant due to illness or high blood pressure. Others want to voluntarily limit their coffee consumption and switch to caffeinated alternatives such as green tea.But if the daily coffee does not come, the body has to get used to it. You should be prepared for the following six things.

1) Constipation

Before we get to the good news, let’s start with a less nice one: Sudden coffee withdrawal can cause constipation. The drink has a diuretic effect and accelerates the function of the digestive organs.

If you remove coffee from your morning routine from one day to the next, your intestines have to work harder again. This can initially cause blockages. Our tip: Drink a glass of water immediately after getting up, this also improves your digestion

2) Concentration problems

The caffeine contained in coffee (around 85 milligrams per cup) makes you physically fitter and mentally alert. It is obvious that not using a coffee can worsen concentration.

Cardiff University researchers in Wales have found an alternative, according to the study, chewing gum can promote concentration – and thus replace coffee or sugary energy drinks.

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