The 9 most spicy dishes in the world

We live in a kind of spicy fashion, a strange trend that drags us to consume volcanic food as if it were a stamina competition. Whoever has the most palate of asbestos wins. The truth is that the fact that a bite explodes in our mouths makes this exercise a challenge and a gastronomic adventure to establish a ranking with the most ardent universal recipes. Chile, tabasco, jalapeño, pepper, cayenne. This is the pulse for giving the chime on the Scoville scale, the measure of itching according to the capsaicin compound. A matter of culinary flares.

1. Sik Sik Wat, Ethiopia

A chicken or meat stew flavored with red peppers, paprika, pepper, fenugreek, and whatever you want to add. The thick and dizzying mixture is usually spread on pancakes or bread.

2. Kimchi jjigae, South Korea

One of the most traditional Korean dishes can be harmless if you serve your recipe with green onions, garlic, tofu, mushrooms, and bell peppers. But of course, the number of peppers and the boiling point of the concoction temperature raises the sensory experience exponentially.

3. Cau Cau, Peru

How a popular and calm potato stew can be turned into a bomb thanks to the magic ingredient: yellow bell peppers. Be careful that you cheat.

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