5 tips for cleaning and disinfecting a sponge

The sponge is a classic tool for tackling dirt on all surfaces. However, due to its humidity and its use, it quickly turns into a nest for bacteria, stubborn bad odors included! Unless you opt for the tawashi(a scrubbing brush for wet cleaning), which goes into the machine if necessary. Indeed, it is out of the question to clean, degrease, or seek to sanitize with dirt. And even if it does not cost much, it represents a budget over the months. So, here are some tips from us to clean, deodorize, and disinfect a sponge for a very effective refreshment. To do this, you don’t need bleach.

1) A microwave pass to clean a sponge

You can completely pass a sponge two minutes at 750W in the microwave. It is indeed a proven way to sterilize a conventional synthetic sponge and remove the viruses, germs, and parasites accumulated during cleaning. However, it should be avoided with natural sponges or a metal sponge (risk of sparks). To do this, first, make sure to moisten it well to avoid the risk of fire. The best thing is to slip it into a bowl three-quarters full of an equal mixture of water and white vinegar. Then allow it to cool before use (rinsing with cold water may help here). It will indeed be hot after its passage in the microwave.

2) You can also clean a sponge in the dishwasher or the washing machine

Certainly, in another era, grandmothers did not have these devices. You can clean something other than dishes in the dishwasher, and sponges are no exception. If you do a hot wash for your dishes ( above 50 ° C ), take the opportunity to put your sponges in the cutlery basket with the rest. This will effectively kill all bacteria. Ideally, they should be offered a cleaning once or twice a week in this appliance to keep the sponge clean. And if you don’t have this appliance in your kitchen, make use of the washing machine. To clean and disinfect a sponge, slide it in the drum with the laundry and run a cycle at 60 ° C.

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