15 Best 90’s Movies Perfect For A Retro Night

5) Matilda (1996)

Little Matilda is a cute and very intelligent girl, although her virtues are little appreciated by her family and other people around her, her magic and courage show us that trust and love in themselves are all we need.

6) Sister Act (1992)

An artist is convinced to go into witness protection as a nun at a convent after she witnesses a murder. But once there, she ends up converting its entire life.

7) Dennis the Menace (1993)

Daniel is a little boy who loves to discover the world; However, while doing his adventures many times, Mr. Wilson ends up being affected.

8) American Beauty (1999)

A 40-year-old man goes through marriage and work crisis in which he tries to find a solution, but not before discovering that he has feelings of attraction to another woman.

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