The 10 rarest traditions in the world

4) To the sarcophagus after death

In the Sacred Region of the Philippines, it is customary for a person to place his body in a sarcophagus that is not buried when a person dies. They are left in the mountains protected in caves.

5) Throwing dishes before marriage

It happens in Polterabend, in Germany. The bride and groom’s family and groom gather before the wedding with one goal: to break dishes, vases, and other decorative items that are useless on the shelves. Mirrors are banned. With this, they symbolize the difficult moments that the couple will have to solve together once they are married.

6) Sticky bath for them

In Scotland, brides bathe in tea, eggs, custard, and other sticky foodstuffs. They are walked through the town so that, once subjected to such an embarrassing moment, they enter the marriage prepared to face any setback.

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