10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Football

Whether you like it or hate it, there is no denying that football holds a special place in the sports world. Beyond its very simple to understand rules, everything contributes to making it popular entertainment.

For many, more than a sport, football is a real art of living.Next, we will tell you some facts, you probably didn’t know about football. Keep reading.

1) When was football started?

It is unknown exactly when football was born, but since ancient times men have been playing ball with their feet. The balls were made by sewing clothes together and filling them with small pebbles, hair, feathers. In the Middle Ages, Europeans made their balloons from inflated pig bladders. Nowadays, soccer balls are made with a number of layers of synthetic leather, and their bladders are usually made of rubber.

2) History of FIFA

FIFA was created on May 21, 1904, to govern association football at the international level. After the Olympic Games did not allow professional footballers to participate in the Games, FIFA organized the World Cup.

3) Football and rugby used to be the same sport?

Hard to believe, but true: in 1863, the completely different sports separated. The reason was the founding of the first national football association, the Football Association (FA), in England, which was involved in the emergence of modern football rules. Since the rugby players did not want to do without handball, they left the FA.

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