The 10 rarest traditions in the world

7) Cross-dressing of the husband

In Kenya, it is common for husbands to dress as wives a month after marriage. It is about transvestites understanding the obstacles that their wives face on a daily basis.

8) No bathroom after getting married

On the island of Borneo, it is a tradition that newlyweds do not use the bathroom for the three days and nights after marriage. In this way, happiness and fertility are attracted. Of course, few games on the wedding night.

9) Spitting to wish good luck and a long life

The Maasai tribe of Kenya has a custom that the newborn is carried by all the women present. They spit in a child’s mouth to wish them good luck in life.

10) The twin of Saint Nicholas

December 6 in Austria is when the arrival of Krampus, the evil twin of Saint Nicholas, is commemorated. Santa’s brother, a little horned monster that frightens misbehaving children.

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